Whitening Toothpaste Uses Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Surface Stains from Your Teeth

Consuming dark beverages and certain dark foods can introduce tiny dark particles to your mouth. This can cause microscopic stains to adhere to the surfaces of your teeth. If they’re not removed in a timely manner, they can gradually cause more visible dental stains to appear on the teeth in your smile. One convenient way… Read more »

Many Adults Can Benefit from Some Form of Braces

The alignment of your teeth plays an important role in your oral function and the appearance of your smile. Even minor misalignments with your teeth can leave you with an unappealing smile, as well as a mouth that is increasingly prone to problems with dental attrition and dental fractures. In many of these cases, Dr…. Read more »

Why Is Fluoride Beneficial for Your Oral Health?

Did you know that fluoride is considered beneficial for your oral health? Although it may seem surprising given that it is a mineral that at very large doses can be toxic for infants, fluoride is considered safe for human consumption. Due to its benefits, fluoride has been added to a wide array of products and… Read more »

Uncorrected Alignment Issues in Adults Can Be Correct by Braces

In the past, there were times when minor alignment issues with a child’s teeth went unaddressed. This might have been related to a financial reason or because you expressed displeasure at the idea to your parents. Now as an adult, these minor alignment issues can pose a more significant threat. This can come in the… Read more »

A Fixed Retainer Requires Routine Care in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

Through the course of routine adjustment sessions, your child’s teeth have achieved their ideal alignment. To ensure that they remain in this new position, your son or daughter will need to use a retainer. Without this important retention phase, their teeth could gradually drift out of alignment and the braces might need to be reinstalled…. Read more »

Invisalign® Can Improve Minor Alignment Imperfections in Your Smile

Over time, minor alignment issues can develop with your teeth. Sometimes this can cause one or two teeth in your smile to rub together in an unhealthy manner. This excess wear and tear, which is known as dental attrition, can weaken an area of tooth enamel or lead to an unfortunate dental fracture. In a… Read more »

Common Questions About Malocclusions

Do you know what malocclusions are? Did you know that many forms of malocclusions can form within your mouth? Fortunately, orthodontic treatments exist to fix these ailments and straighten your smile. With orthodontics, a misaligned facial structure can be corrected. Listed below are some common questions about malocclusions in quiz form to help you learn… Read more »

Flossing is the Most Effective Method for Cleaning between Teeth, the Gumline, and Your Braces

When food particles and plaque are not removed from between teeth and along the gumline or between your braces and teeth, it increases your chances of suffering an oral health problem. This most commonly comes in the form of tooth decay or gum disease. To help prevent these things from befalling you, the American Dental… Read more »

Damaged Braces Hardware Needs Timely Repair

Every set of braces installed is designed with durable hardware and strong dental adhesive. While this affords your braces the strength to bite and chew common foods, there are still some things that bend, damage or loosen parts of your braces. The suction created by chewing gum or eating sticky foods can potentially pull a… Read more »

The Power of Invisalign®

Many people are still unaware of the extreme success Invisalign® has to offer when it comes to smiling adjustments. With so many different options to choose from, our office is happy to talk to you about the power of Invisalign and why it is extremely popular and successful when it comes to teeth adjustments. Here… Read more »