Early Braces Treatment Can Improve Gapped Teeth

As your child’s mouth develops, it undergoes many changes that alter its shape and structure so that it can expand through the teenage years. During elementary school years, the baby teeth are slowly replaced by the permanent teeth that should last for the whole of your child’s adult years. The ongoing development of the oral… Read more »

Prevent Tooth Stains from Affecting Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Your teeth are coated with a tooth enamel layer that is made of tiny mineral crystals full of pores. These pores can become traps for staining particles introduced by dark foods and drinks in your diet. We can help you preserve the results of your teeth whitening treatment by avoiding substances that can cause tooth… Read more »

What to Know about Braces

Are you considering getting braces? People choose to do so for a myriad of reasons, but the most common is wanting a straight, beautiful smile that turns heads in any room you walk into. There are a few things to know about braces before you start your orthodontic treatment, however. Your treatment will go much… Read more »

Straight Teeth are Healthy Teeth

A smile that makes you look like a million bucks can actually help you make a million bucks. It’s proven that a great smile helps increase self-esteem and confidence. But that’s not all there is to having straight teeth. Going through the process of straightening your teeth actually helps your overall oral health. Dr. and… Read more »

The Different Types of Braces

Braces are commonly known and effective at straightening teeth and improving your smile. It is also known that adults and young teenagers who have had treatment have many success stories and better oral health. However, because of the new styles and kinds of braces, more adults are turning to orthodontics each day. Now, adults have… Read more »

The Why of Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic care is common in our culture, but why? Let’s look at the many benefits of a straighter smile through orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment is used to treat bad bites, also called “malocclusion.” Malocclusion occurs when the teeth are crooked, the teeth are too crowded or the top and bottom jaws don’t line up properly…. Read more »

The Things Orthodontic Aligners Can Do for Your Smile

Orthodontic aligners are mouthguard-like appliances that are made of a clear plastic. They are shaped to move your teeth slowly into their proper positions using the right amount of pressure. Your orthodontist, Dr. Catherine, offers treatment with orthodontic aligners for many reasons. To elaborate, is happy to list the things they can do for you…. Read more »

What Can I Expect at My Child’s First Orthodontic Appointment?

If your child has their first orthodontic appointment coming up, then you’re likely wondering what will happen at the office. You’re like many parents who wish to prepare for the appointment and know what to expect. Our orthodontist, Dr. Catherine, is more than happy to help you. When you come to , you and your… Read more »

Brushing and Flossing While Wearing Your Braces

Straightening your teeth and aligning your bite in braces is an important time in your oral health journey. It’s easy for oral debris to get stuck in brackets and wires, promoting plaque formation. When this happens, and plaque builds up around brackets, you may find yourself with decalcification of tooth enamel (white spots). Over time,… Read more »

Healthy Foods For People With Braces

With the start of a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. For many, these resolutions include choosing a healthier diet. For people with braces, dietary restrictions on things like raw veggies and plain popcorn may cause a minor problem. However, there are still a lot of healthy foods you can eat! Here are a few… Read more »