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We know you’ve heard it many times: brushing your teeth twice a day is essential for good oral health. But why is that, exactly?

Did you know that brushing removes plaque from your smile? Plaque is that white, sticky substance that clings to your teeth. It’s the main culprit for tooth decay and gum disease. Buildup happens easily and quickly, so the best way to combat plaque is to brush twice a day or more.

Brushing also freshens your breath. Many delicious foods that you eat will cling to your teeth, gums and tongue, creating foul odors. These can especially cling to your braces’ hardware. Brushing regularly removes those odors and adds a minty-freshness to your breath.

Finally, brushing can keep your teeth white and bright. Whitening toothpaste in particular can break apart stains on the surfaces of your teeth, making them sparkle. But this only makes a discernible difference if you brush regularly, so make sure you are consistent.

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